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Energy saving


JS BMS Controls has being working with energy savings since 1983 and is ready to provide that experiense for your benefit as well.


So contact us today for an energy survey



Match time schedules with actual occupation periods


  • Modifying plants to make it ‘demand driven’

  • Optimised start and stop times to prevent excessive operating hours

  • Summer/winter floating changeover to provide efficient cooling/heating during the year

  • Improve the location, type and number of sensors

  • Increase zoning of areas

  • Use return and extract temps for control inputs

  • Make use of free-cooling and night purge

Data Analaysis
Plant Equipment

Turn off equipment if it is not being used


  • Ensure regular maintenance is undertaken

  • Check contactors/relays/starters/cables/valves

  • Assess boiler and chiller controls

  • Ensure that all equipment operates correctly and is linked to BMS

Additional Solutions and Recommendations

Utilise any data you may already have


We can carry out an analaysis on any data you already have from prevoius reports you might have to ensure that any recommendations have been applied to ensure efficency. This may include:


  • Automatic Metering Reports



Fit variable speed drives on motors where it is effective to do so

  • Conduct an energy awareness campaign amongst staff
  • Install additional sub metering
  • Fit PIR to demand enable suitable plants @ Suggest possible lighting solutions
  • Lighting control
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